Recruitment Tips from JobTarget’s Experts

The recruitment process is always changing, making it a moving target for recruiters and employers. There are several ways to make sure your job advertisements connect with the right candidate and show up in their search at the right moment. JobTarget asked their team of recruitment experts for top tips for maximum success with candidate sourcing.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search-term relevancy is a major component of SEO and the success of any job posting. Since job sites use similar technology-based tools to Google and Bing, keyword optimization is critical for job postings to connect with the right audiences. Make sure your job post has a title that matches recruiting standards across the industry and a description of the position that highlights the correct terms a candidate would typically search for on the web. 

The role SEO keywords play has become extremely important to the job description and title. SEO can improve search traffic to your job posts, increase visibility with more quality candidates, and help job listings rank higher on search result pages. Learn more detailed SEO tips here

Easy Apply 
Setting up easy apply is considered to be one of the best practices you can do when it comes to making application submissions better for candidates. Removing barriers and making it easier for job seekers to apply for a position has become essential in today’s market.  

Easy apply makes the application process shorter and has been known to increase the applicant conversion rate by up to four times. 

Mobile-Friendly Job Posts
With so much technology at the fingertips of the candidate, applying for a position can be done from phones, tablets, and other devices. You’ll have to make sure your job postings are responsive across mobile devices and on your website. Over 67% of job applications in 2021 came from mobile sources. Additionally, you will want to make sure the application process is no longer than five to six minutes. Many mobile users tend not to complete the application process if it takes longer.  

Maximizing Budget
As the budget is always a concern for recruiters when posting job campaigns, a cost-effective way to get the most from your recruiting efforts is to make sure your ad spend gets the best value. By using Programmatic, an automated job posting system based on performance, you can make sure job posts get in front of the right candidate and show up across 60+ top job sites with the click of a button. If a job doesn’t perform well on a specific site, the algorithm will identify that and move it to a site where the listing will be more effective.  

Programmatic can make a positive impact on your campaigns. It can mean the difference of having your job advertised for six days versus sixty. You don’t want to pause jobs on top-performing sites due to budget constraints. 

Diversification in the Workplace 
Having a diversified recruitment plan is always recommended. To facilitate a company’s growth through diversity, you can help candidates and employers foster new types of teamwork and creativity in the workplace. 

By implementing diverse recruiting strategies through posts on sites catering to women and minorities, state job banks, and local community outreach facilities, you will be able to find candidates who bring different perspectives which can increase creativity and company growth. 

The Center of it All 
Managing recruiting efforts can become difficult when tracking many different open positions. Having everything in one central location would make things a lot easier. Especially when it comes to automating posts, measuring ad spend, and reporting on the performance of a campaign.  

With the JobTarget platform, you’ll have just that. You can explore over 25,000 job sites in our marketplace to find the job site that fits your needs, automate your job postings with our Programmatic solution, post jobs on specialized job boards, and even get support with OFCCP compliance.

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