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Published on: Oct 6, 2020

COVID-19 has created a new and much larger remote workforce. It is believed that this trend will continue as many organizations have not seen a drop in productively, and employees have experienced improved work/life balance.

This is all good news, but it has caused confusion for Federal Contractors on where to post remote positions for Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) compliance. VEVRAA requires jobs be posted to the appropriate state or local Employment Service Delivery System (ESDS)/state workforce agency where the opening "occurs".

If there is no fixed location where the opening occurs, what should you do? To help clear up this confusion, the OFCCP commented on this remote position dilemma in a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ). To some up this FAQ explanation we highlighted the key points.

  • If the job is “Remote” or “Work from Home”, and the employer requires the job seeker to reside in a specific city and state, state or region in the United States, then that job should be posted to the appropriate ESDS in that area.
  • If the job is “Remote” or “Work from Home”, and the job seeker can reside anywhere in the United States, then that job can be posted with an ESDS where qualified candidates might be found. We typically, advise our clients to post these jobs through their corporate office location or larger regional office, but really can be posted anywhere.

Posting remote positions can be a challenge, but JobTarget is here to help you navigate the complicated compliance landscape. JobTarget helps protect your organization and its’ reputation.

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