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Published on: Feb 24,2021

Companies who practice reactive recruitment are at a disadvantage in today’s hiring market. Businesses have learned that being proactive in their recruiting strategy by taking advantage of technology gives them a competitive advantage and helps find talented candidates for open positions. In order to build a strong team and develop new talent, companies must be adept at capturing and utilizing data.

The Recruiting Challenge

With an increasing number of candidates to sort through, you might be experiencing a challenge in sourcing and selecting the right people for your business. According to Glassdoor, 76% of hiring manager say that attracting the right job candidates is their greatest obstacle. Often, the candidates that apply for your job posting might not be suitable for your company or the position you are hiring for. Recruiters and hiring managers waste time assessing candidates that are not a suitable fit.

The traditional method of posting open jobs and hoping to receive qualified candidates has become outdated. Technology can be used to make the recruiting process easier, and a lot of recruiters are finding the advantages pay off---75% of recruiters say that they will use more technology in the hiring process. Employers that want to find the best candidates will need to expand beyond the traditional process.

Benefits of Automation in Recruiting Strategy

The use of automation in recruiting has helped many companies cut time and money from the hiring process. The goal of automated recruiting software is not to replace human jobs, but to enhance their hiring ability. Automation adds the following benefits to the recruiting process:

Time Savings: Clearly, recruiters will save time by automating certain parts of the hiring process. Instead of searching for qualified candidates, an automated process will source and screen all new candidates. This can equate to several hours a day that recruiters can spend engaging with and interviewing candidates instead.

Cost Savings: Automated recruiting uses predictive analysis to understand candidates and predict which ones will be most successful in certain roles. This reduces turnover and leads to candidates who are more satisfied in their jobs and are more productive employees. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research of more than 300,000 potential hires found that algorithms are able to make better decisions about hiring than humans, resulting in better retention rates. Since replacing an employee costs anywhere from six to nine months’ salary, this can be a significant cost savings for your company.

Optimize Talent: Automated recruiting software recognizes best practices and retains the information so that it can be replicated to find the best candidate for every position. The knowledge retention allows every recruiter to be effective and decreases the amount of onboarding time a new recruiter would need. It keeps the data regarding the hiring process to be used in the future.

Diversity: Automated software can help increase diversity in your workplace. Human biases are eliminated from the hiring process since the software relies on data. Many times, recruiters are drawn toward individuals who are like themselves. The use of automation provides an unbiased hiring process.

How JobTarget’s Programmatic Can Help

JobTarget’s Programmatic uses data and algorithms that makes for better hiring decisions, and helps you save time and money by eliminating the manual work.

  • JobTarget Programmatic uses performance data metrics to automatically list your job openings across all the relevant sites. You will have access to over 10 million job seekers that are narrowed down to fit your exact hiring needs.
  • Your job ads will be distributed everywhere relevant candidates are looking - from the leading job sites, to niche sites and social media.
  • Your company will no longer need to post and manage job ads. The process of finding qualified candidates is more efficient because Programmatic handles it.

Programmatic technology allows recruiters to measure the effectiveness of every job posting and records the source for every job applicant.

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