Become a Premium Recruiter and unlock exclusive benefits

JobTarget’s new Premium Recruiter Status gives you the opportunity to access exclusive benefits within our network.

What benefits do I get as a Premium Recruiter?

· Up to 20% placement fees so you can earn more money

· Early access to new jobs so you can submit your candidates before everyone else

· More benefits to come!

How do I earn Premium Recruiter Status?

Premium Recruiter Status is completely free, and you will automatically qualify by doing one of the following:

· Submit 30 or more candidates to JobTarget’s corporate client jobs in the last 90 days (rolling)

· Make at least 1 placement in the last 90 days (rolling)

How can I track my progress towards becoming a Premium Recruiter?

You can easily view the number of candidates you have submitted and placements you have made in the last 90 days at the top of the Search Jobs page here:

How will I know when I’ve qualified?

When you reach Premium Status you will get an email congratulating you and your benefits start immediately. You will then see jobs with Early Access pinned to the top of your Search page and those are for Premium Recruiters only to work. You will also see the regular fees replaced with your new Premium Fees for each job you submit to.

Ready to earn your status? Start submitting candidates today!

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