JobTarget OneClick® Analytics Terms & Conditions

This Term Sheet is incorporated into the Agreement between JobTarget and the Client identified in the Service Order to which this Term Sheet is attached. Except as expressly set forth herein, this Term Sheet is governed by the terms of the Agreement.


In consideration of the payments set forth in the Service Order and Client’s fulfillment of its obligations under this Term Sheet and the Agreement, JobTarget shall provide the following services during the term stated in the Service Order.
  • JobTarget shall provide Client, or its ATS vendor, a snippet of software code that Client shall place on the pages of its ATS system ("Code"). Client shall, upon its choice and with JobTarget support, use configuration options on the Code that will enable further data collection and reporting. Client may also opt to have JobTarget use Proxy as the means of data collection.
  • Using the Code and other JobTarget systems, JobTarget will collect as much data as reasonably possible related to job seeker activity on job postings and through the online application processes.
  • JobTarget will provide online reports that Client may access to review, related to its recruitment advertising and application activities, and Client has the option to upload interview and hire data from its ATS System to create complete funnel reports, in each case limited to Client's own internal use.


JobTarget shall use commercially reasonable efforts to collect as much data as reasonably possible. JobTarget makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the data. Client shall use the data at its own risk.
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