JobTarget PowerPost Terms & Conditions

This Term Sheet is incorporated into the Agreement between JobTarget and the Client identified in the Service Order to which this Term Sheet is attached. Except as expressly set forth herein, this Term Sheet is governed by the terms of the Agreement.


In consideration of the payments set forth in the Service Order and Client's fulfillment of its obligations under this Term Sheet and the Agreement, JobTarget shall provide the following services during the term stated in the Service Order.

  • JobTarget shall post Client's jobs onto any number of the job board(s) included in the PowerPost Media Package at the time of posting, as determined by JobTarget, although JobTarget cannot guarantee the jobs will be presented on every such site.
  • General customer support related to the status of postings or issues using JobTarget’s technology.


JobTarget may offer free or discounted trials of its PowerPost Media Package from time to time. If the Client posts jobs subject to such a promotion, Client’s credit card will automatically be charged on a recurring monthly basis after the promotional period ends, unless the Client provides written notice of its intent to cancel. If such written cancellation is received within seven (7) days of a new charge, JobTarget shall refund that charge, less a $15 refund fee.


JobTarget shall use commercially reasonable efforts to list the jobs requested by Client on the appropriate job boards for the specified period. It is understood by Client that JobTarget does not manage or monitor these job boards and cannot guarantee that the jobs will be listed within the appropriate time period, for the full duration, or at all.

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