JobTarget Programmatic uses highly advanced targeting to place your open job postings on job sites that will produce the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

Utilizing over 15 years of Big Data comprised of over 100 million job postings, JobTarget Programmatic connects your jobs to the most relevant, top-performing job sites proven to drive candidates. Our network accesses over 20,000 job sites and over 100 million candidates to help our clients reach the entire recruitment landscape.

JobTarget Programmatic clients receive a dedicated Relationship Manager and set a budget based on the clients’ needs. Our Big Data determines which job site will produce the best candidates based on your specific job posting. Our Programmatic service maximizes your budget and eliminates drop offs in candidate flow. No more wasted hours picking and choosing job sites – Programmatic delivers high quality candidates quickly.

JobTarget Programmatic Features:

  • Programmatic has the broadest network of partners because of our job distribution operations
  • Our Big Data is based off of the millions of job postings we post every year – so we know which job sites will work best for you
  • Ongoing performance reports that show the flow of traffic
  • Automatic job distribution, which eliminates the need for you to manually post jobs to job boards

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