According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of September 2020, there were about 9.6 million veterans not in the labor force. This can be attributed to difficulty finding suitable employment, service-related injuries or their age.

With many organizations and Federal Contractors looking for skilled employees, and many veterans looking for jobs, why are they both having trouble connecting? Many organizations would like to hire qualified veterans to fill their job openings, though many don’t know how to go about attracting veterans. Your organization may be among those that want to hire veterans into your organization but don’t know where to begin.

Here are five ways you can attract more veterans to your organization.

1.) Make it known your organization has a desire to hire veterans. This may mean changing language and images used in marketing efforts to appeal to veterans. Have images of military personnel in marketing materials. Also consider having your current veteran employees write testimonials or create a short video about their experience with your organization.

2.) Post jobs online to let veterans know you are hiring. JobTarget is a great source to utilize when trying to attract veterans. Our CompliancePost service is cost effective and automatically sends your job post to leading job sites targeting veterans.

Below are just some of the job sites a posting will be distributed to: (Job Opportunities for DisABLED Veterans)
US Military Pipeline

3.) Get referrals from your veteran prospects and employees. The veteran community is tight knit. By attracting and hiring veterans, you’ll find they will spread the word that your organization is “veteran-friendly” and attract more veterans to your organization. Your best candidate is a qualified referral from a happy employee. Ask your veteran hires if there are any other veterans that would be interested in talking with you about your organization’s open positions.

4.) Actively look for veterans with disabilities. There are many disabled veterans that are able and willing to accept the right offer of employment. Many of them may be currently receiving disability benefits from the government yet yearn to be a productive part of the workforce. There are several local, state and federal agencies to help you hire veterans with disabilities. Some great examples are listed below:

5.) Keep an open mind when interviewing veterans. First, do not get distracted by the use of military jargon during the interview process.  Remember they were part of a very different culture for the last 4, 10 or even 20+ years. Always let them know that your organization is very open to hiring and training veterans because of their military skills and experiences. Reinforce the fact that their skills are transferable to civilian jobs and your organization will do everything possible to help them make the transition. You may also want to have a current military veteran employee speak with the applicant about their experience with your organization.

Implementing these tips into your recruitment strategy can help you appeal to the veteran community. Most veterans are motivated, willing and ready to work hard for your organization. They are just looking for an opportunity to show employers their abilities.

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